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Our Mission

Our mission is to interpret, educate, develop and support vision through branding and creative strategies for growing and established businesses and organizations. From concept to creation, Miwa Design and Graphics has developed and worked with the following portfolio brands:


  • Kennesha has designed several advertisements for my company. Her work is outstanding! Her designs have significantly increase[d] my sales. I highly recommend Miwa Design and Graphics.

    Craig Pope, CJ Bail Bonds, LLC
  • Kennesha is one of the CEO who is not only passionate about what she offers; she cares about the people who she serves. Over the last year, she has matured to a business owner who wants to grow a business while maintaining a high level of excellence. She is versatile in all aspects of graphic design, computer programmer, web design, and photography. She can tie all aspects to deliver your image and your message. If you are thinking about using her company; you cannot go wrong.

    Arnel Tanyag, Owner/ Managing Partner, Tanyag & Company


Our services range from brand analysis, consultation, development, and marketing. From concept to creation, Miwa Design and Graphics can assist you in making your brand in excellence.


We believe that analyzing your current marketing objectives and brand will help you discover new and innovative ways to reach your target audience. We provide a 15-minute general brand strategy review session to identify areas where your brand needs to be cultivated. The next step would be an in-depth 60-90 minute Branding Profile Development Session that focuses on the DNA structure of your vision. This session brings clarity what you want to want to achieve through your short and long-term goals.


Once your vision has been cultivated to a brand profile, we can assist in servicing your needs in brand identity development for graphics, web design, and photography. We make it our effort to streamline our processes to make sure your brand is developed in a way that reflects our invested time in the consultation phase.


Once your brand has been established, we can assist in providing web, social media, print media marketing solutions to reach your target audience. We analyze your current methods of marketing and find ways to enhance or restructure them to fit your direction. We believe that utilizing your established or newly acquired networks with us in a different manner will help identify a larger market reach in a strategic way.


Miwa Design and Graphics is a branding and creative services company that is committed to providing innovative, creative, effective and strategic solutions that support growing and established businesses and organizations. With over 15 years combined experience in creative services, branding, design and information technology, Miwa Design and Graphics develops and supports marketable brands for businesses by interpreting their vision into a creative and branding strategies that align with defined business models.


• We are responsible for conceptualization/development of graphics and web designs from strategic goals/vision of client companies; create designs for business development, marketing, and advertising to reach short- and long-term goals for branding/growth.

• We provide consultation, technological solutions as a subject matter expert for website design, and technical support; provide the solutions for client’s dreams; translate into graphic and web designs to support/sustain ideas and goals.

Kennesha M. Walker

Kennesha M. Walker

Brand & Creative Strategist

Kennesha has been in the creative design industry for over 15 years. She started this journey while attending pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Technology (Magna Cum Laude).

As a former intern at NASA Langley Research Center, she pulls on her research and engineering background in technology to bring a logical and practical approach to branding. At the same time, she loves the use of expressive and creative words in poetry to convey the feeling and emotions as a published author.

Kennesha always looks to understand vision and mission before executing the branding process. As a creative in the areas of music, art, dance, and photography, she pulls on her artistic background to develop brands that convey a holistic experience; not just a logo.

One of her personal beliefs is having a "taking it and run with it mentally." In Habakkuk 2:2 which states "...Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it." She understands that once she intuitively connects with the person and purpose of any project, it allows her to maximize on her skillsets and talents to bring clarity, direction, and strategy.

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